We connect people
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Work in STEAM?

People are at the core of every company

That's why we work with companies in Iceland to attract the best talent and empower people through the employee experience. We support companies in creating a diverse and inclusive environment and ensure it's embedded at the core of everyone's people strategy. Building relationships in Iceland and our local market industry knowledge is fundamental to our unique offering. We specialise in talent in STEAM fields: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

Keeping people connected at every step of the journey

We connect people by building strong partnerships with clients and candidates. By working closely with hiring managers, gathering requirements, assessing team structure we connect talent that feel valued and empowered in their roles. We firmly believe in building sustainable, long-term relationships based on trust, integrity, and professionalism which is at the core of all our interactions.

Creating workplaces that people want to work in

Everyone's talking about customer experience, but what about the employee experience? By combining human-centered design, utilising technology and resources, we help companies create a livelier, healthier work place to attract talent and empower people to succeed in their roles.

We specialise in talent working in STEAM fields in Iceland

We help people understand their own unique blends of talents and interests by connecting them to their next career move. Identifying core skills that are transferable between industries ensures the right people are placed in the right teams.

We build strong partnerships with companies in Iceland to fully understand their talent needs and match great talent to their teams and projects.

If you work in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts or Mathematics... get in touch and we will connect with you to help you connect with others.

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Kathryn Gunnarsson

Founder - Geko Consulting -

Meet the founder

Connecting people and human relations are passions of mine. People want careers that fit well alongside their personal lifestyles, and by identifying what's important helps people achieve a good balance and be more productive in their roles.

I moved to Iceland in 2016, bringing with me 20 years of International Management, HR and Recruitment experience, working with talent within a range of industries and sectors. Creating diverse and inclusive environments, and giving people a platform to be open and honest about their career goals is always a key focus. At Geko our vision is to support companies to create vibrant, approachable and human centered approaches to work, at all stages of the employee experience.