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Revitalise your career!

You may be happy in your current position, but curious to keep your ear to the ground and know what your options are. After all, when you are ready to make a move, the right opportunity is not always out there at the exact time you are ready to make a move.

That's where the team at Geko can support you. We get to know you, understand your experience, dig into your aspirations, and keep you confidentially updated with new opportunities that are relevant to your personal and professional goals!

It's easy to get in touch, just drop us a message at hello@geko.is and one of our specialist consultants will be in touch confidentially.

Keeping people connected at every step of the journey

We connect people by building strong partnerships with clients and candidates. By working closely with hiring managers, gathering requirements and assessing team structure we connect talent that feel valued and empowered in their roles. We firmly believe in building sustainable, long-term relationships based on trust, integrity, and professionalism which is at the core of all our interactions.

Creating workplaces that people want to work in

Everyone's talking about customer experience, but what about the people experience? By combining human-centered design, utilising technology and resources, we help companies create a livelier, healthier work place to attract talent and empower people to succeed in their roles. We help you with your entire People Experience journey to make sure that your people have the best experience - which is win-win for everyone.

We specialise in talent working in STEAM fields in Iceland

We help people understand their own unique blends of talents and interests by connecting them to their next career move. Identifying core skills that are transferable between industries ensures the right people are placed in the right teams.

We build strong partnerships with companies in Iceland to fully understand their talent needs and match great talent to their teams and projects.

Work in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts or Mathematics? Get in touch and we will connect with you to help you connect with others. Also, if you want to learn more about PEx!

Work in Tech
& Innovation?
Apply here!
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Services by Geko

Geko provides a number of different services to companies within the Tech & Innovation sector in Iceland. We work with over 80 different companies on various projects. All of our services are tailored for each project we commit to taking on, working closely as an addition to the team and a true partner in hiring and people strategy projects for our clients. * Candidate Experience design and implementation. * Employee Journey mapping * HR System implementation * Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Workshops * Hiring 101 Workshops * Team alignment Workshops * Culture Code/ Employee Handbook design and implementation * Leadership Coaching * People Strategy design and implementation. Get in touch to find out more about how Geko can support your business through HR as a Service.


Connecting people and human relations are passions of ours.‍ Throughout my career I have always been involved in building teams and creating great places to work. I am a Chartered Fellow of CIPD and have followed the CIPD career path to be an expert in HR and People Development. Geko was founded on the 29th February 2020, and since launch we have placed 100's of people in new roles, and have an ever growing client portfolio that we are proud to partner with. We support our clients to not only attract and hire the right people, but also help them retain them, by creating human-centric experiences as part of the Employee Journey. At the core of our values are diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, and we choose to partner with clients that are on a journey to create great inclusive environments for their people.

Hulda Sif

I am a seasoned business owner having worked in a number of different industries over the years, gathering experience to build businesses from the ground up. When Geko was founded, I truly believed in the mission to support companies to build great workplaces that people want to work in. We are passionate about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and being a part of something that makes a real difference to companies and people that work there is really rewarding. I completed my MBA in 2021 and joined Geko full-time as a co-founder.


Margrét Ósk